USA vs. Brazil

Posted: August 14, 2007 in Soccer, US Men's Senior Roster

The US Soccer team won’t play against Mexico on September 9th. Instead, the US will face…………..BRAZIL!! That is going to be a wicked game, but you knew that the US had to play it at home before getting their hineys kicked. According to SI, the US canceled the Mexico game because..

“The Americans had been scheduled to play Mexico at Azteca Stadium on Sept. 9 in a rematch of the Gold Cup final. The game was canceled because of what the U.S. Soccer Federation said were “contractual and financial considerations.”

Which really means: “We don’t have a chance when we play Mexico on the road, let’s play Brazil at home (Chicago).”

I’m a pretty excited person right now, how huge would this be for US Soccer if they can compete against Brazil?

My Answer: Depends, we don’t know Brazil’s squad yet.


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