Beckham Scored, but Hold Your Horses!

Posted: August 16, 2007 in David Beckham, Soccer

Yes, he scored, yes they won, yes it was a great free kick……and no it does not mean he’s changed everything. I’m going to potentially get hate mail type comments for this, but the fact that David Beckham scored doesn’t mean that it’s a sign of good things to come. It’s just one game, let’s see what he does over the next few weeks (assuming no injuries occur), and then we can all safely make an opinion. Remember, that was a Superliga game, in which they’ve just started. He needs to do that in the MLS, because the LA Beckhams are still miles away from sniffing the playoffs.

Now, we all (as in the 20 Americans that actually care about soccer) thought that Landon Donovan would save American soccer right? Well that didn’t pan out (ask the Germans), so they tried Freddy Adu, which is still a work in progress. Now Jozi Altidore is one of the stars for the US U-20 team. Now we get Beckham, who’s also supposed to save American soccer. What is the common denominator among the 3? They’re all not from here. Adu is from Ghana, Altidore is from Haiti, and Beckham is from England. Does that tell you anything?

Lastly, I notice that many fans are saying that Becks could help make soccer popular here, since he is very good with crosses and free kicks. That’s the problem. There is more to soccer than crosses and free kicks. There is defending, there are headers, footwork, accuracy, need I go on? Also, to follow the point of soccer popularity, the US Soccer Federation has the most number of registered players on a youth level in the world. That’s good, very good in fact. What’s not good, is the lack of passion here, and those registered players aren’t that good.

So as I finish this up, maybe this will bring up a whole different perspective on why I bash Beckham, and US Soccer.


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