Footy Mania Lingo

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Barclays Premier League, Lingo, MLS, Soccer

As this blog comes around, we’re going to have some certain soccer terms here. Let me give you some of the lingo:

  • Mercilessly Lousy Soccer: A slang term and the alternate acronym for the US Men’s National Team MLS.
  • Major Lack of Scoring: Another term for the MLS, and their inability to put a spherical ball into a net.
  • LA Beckhams: The new name for the LA Galaxy due to the overexposure of Beckham.
  • Chelscum: A term used for Chelsea FC in the Barclays Premier League. Generally used if you are an Arsenal or Manchester United fan.
  • Captain Can’t Finish: This term goes to Louis Saha, DaMarcus Beasley, Brian Ching and Andrea Lombardo.
  • Fulham USA: It’s not only a blog, but a term to describe the incredible number of Americans on Fulham’s squad. Maybe it explains why they barely escaped relegation.
  • Bolton Snoozers: This is a term describing the most boring team in the Premier League.

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