Premier League Roundup

Posted: August 19, 2007 in Barclays Premier League, Soccer

Chelscum 1 Liverpool 1: ARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!! Every game Chelscum has conceded first……and every game they’ve comeback to draw or win. It started in the 16th minute when new signing Fernando Torres beautifully put it past Petr Cech, causing the Liverpool home fans to go wild as they took control of the match. Chelsum striker Didier “Swan Dive” Drogba was a non-factor in this match, as Chelsea were 1-0 down at the half in a decent match at Anfield. In the 2nd half, controversy ensued as Steve Finnan was booked for fouling Chelscum’s Florent Malouda in the box. The problem is, he clearly didn’t foul him. So the result is a 1-1 draw as Lampard scored from the spot in the 61st minute. To read more about this story, Digital Headbutt live-blogged this event.

Man City 1 Man United 0:  If they can’t get a win by the 6th game, that’s it for them. Geovanni scored the winner for City in the 31st minute in a game in which they were dominated for most of the match. They are first in the Premier League, while United are barely above relegation. The defending champs don’t look good, and instead of UEFA Champions League, we may be talking UEFA Cup.

Arsenal 1 Blackburn 1: Does Arsenal have to be a goal down to win? They finally scored first in the 18th minute, but David Dunn salvaged a point for the home squad.

 West Ham 1 Birmingham City 0: Who would’ve thought that the team that gave away Carlos Tevez would have more points than the team that received him (let alone won the title last year)?

Middlesbrough 2 Fulham USA 1:  Note to self: Add Clint Dempsey to the”Captain Can’t Finish” list. Brian McBride has a dislocated knee cap, and will be out for 2 months.

Aston Villa 0 Newcastle 0: Not much to say here, other than Villa spoiling Sam Allardyce’s home debut as manager.

Portsmouth 3 Bolton Snoozers 1: Very good game at Fratton Park, very bad result for the road team in Bolton. They’re 0-3 in the new campaign, and Sammy Lee is still looking for his first win as Bolton manager (1 draw and 1 loss last year).

Reading 1 Everton 0: Hey, Reading held on to a lead this time! Everton lose for the first time this year.

Tottenham 4 Derby 0: Ouch. Tottenham not only showed up, but they dominated Derby, who are still winless this year. Spurs were dominant throughout, and scored 3 times in 14 minutes.

Wigan 3 Sunderland 0: This “scoring goals” concept for Wigan Athletic is working. Sunderland lose their first of the year, and Wigan win 2 straight.


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