ESPN: Worldwide Leader My Left Testicle

Posted: August 24, 2007 in David Beckham, ESPN, MLS, Soccer

I attempted to watch the LA Beckhams vs. Chivas USA on ESPN. Two things happened that set me off: One, a freaking WNBA playoff overtime game ran over the first 4 minutes. Two, Dave O’Brien and Eric Wynalda were commentating. O’Brien (AKA Can’t Shut Up #1) decided to call Beckham “heroic” for travelling from England all the way back to LA to play in his 2nd game in 2 days. Uhh….Dave, not only did Landon Donovan do the same thing (from Sweden), but European players do that all the time! Towards the end of the game, when the Beckhams were down 3-0, Wynalda (AKA Can’t Shut Up #2) said “I think the fans should start booing these guys.”. Nothing gets this dude happy. So I’ve given you the beginning of the game, and the end, now let’s talk about the rest.

* What’s up with showing the starting lineups 18 minutes into the game???!!!!! That is simpleton thinking in spite of the WNBA game
* Who cares that Chivas player Maykal Galindo likes Scarface and played soccer barefoot? I can’t stand the fact that they put up useless stats about these guys, in which I can easily look up at a computer.
* Bob Ley was part of the halftime crew. That I like very much. He can replace Dave and Rob Stone.
* Anyone else notice that whenever Beckham touched the ball, you would hear girly shrieks?
* I don’t need 15 camera angles for a soccer game, especially skycam. Why would you want an aerial view of soccer?

This is an absolute joke ESPN comes up with and passes off as soccer. If they’re the supposed “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, why don’t they air Rugby, Cricket, and the CFL?

Later on today, I’ll write an article about things ESPN can do to improve its image on a global standpoint.


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