Beckham Injures Self, Out for a While, LA Beckhams Lose, What Else is New?

Posted: August 30, 2007 in David Beckham, Deaths, MLS, Soccer, Superliga

Heck yeah, David Beckham is going to change US soccer in the span of 5 years. Looks like year 1 is off to a wonderful start. Haven’t won an MLS game with him, they lose in the Superliga final, and he gets injured during the final. Beckham strained his knee in the 30th minute as the LA Galaxy lost 1-1 (4-3 penalties) to Pachuca in Carson, California. So strained knee=4-6 weeks of missing action. My dad is a big soccer fan and played it after school all the time, he said that Beckham is injury prone. Not only is he right, but Beckham is 32, it’s not going to get any better. Maybe the MLS should focus less and less on marketing, and more and more on improving their players. Signing Beckham wasn’t for showing guys how it’s done, but for profit. Look how much attendance has jumped because of him. That’s not going to reflect well in the rest of the world. They (Europeans particularly), are probably thinking that we won’t sniff a soccer game unless there is a supposed big shot out there.

Speaking of attendance, it looks like they didn’t even sell out WITH Beckham starting. It’s a tournament final, they should be happy because they’re the pits of the MLS, and out of a 27,000 stadium, the grand total for a championship game was…..12,000. Most of them Pachuca fans. It’s an insult when it’s your home stadium, and yet there are more fans for the opposing team, than your own home team. Alexi Lalas has got 4 more years (possibly) of Beckham, if he can’t fix this now, it’s bye-bye to fans, and bye-bye to his job.

Source: CBS Sportsline

On a brighter note: Galaxy players wore black armbands in memory of Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta,who died on Tuesday of a heart attack. RIP Antonio Puerta.


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