David Beckham to Join ESPN

Posted: September 13, 2007 in David Beckham, ESPN, MLS, Soccer

I was hoping AA was kidding when he announced what David Beckham will do today. According to ESPN and reported on Awful Announcing, David Beckham will be a TV analyst for the MLS Primetime Thursday match up between LA Beckhams and Chivas USA. Beckham will be with Tommy Smyth, Eric “Can’t Shut Up” Wynalda, and Glenn “Not Big Baby” Davis for the ESPN televised event. I know Ibearg is probably annoyed that I’m a huge ESPN critic and blow up on them way too much, but I have no choice here.This is the boldness of these guys. ESPN refuses to think that anyone with a soccer passion and knowledge of a squirrel would watch the soccer game, before listening to four, FOUR, commentators. Beckham can barely speak to begin with, and the only reason why he’s likely there, is because ESPN is the only network keeping year 1 of Beckhammania alive.

Now, maybe if it were just Davis and Beckham, it would be somewhat watchable, but 4 talking heads??? Come on, who will watch that? The MLS is basically dependent on whether or not Beckham shows up, it’s just for ticket sales, not for his skill.

Please ESPN, you’re killing me, I want to the and disprove your simpleton thinking, but you keep proving that you guys are incapable of doing a lot of things soccer wise. Will I watch? I don’t need to watch 90 minutes of those 3 guys kissing Beckham.


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