World of Footy Roundup

Posted: September 15, 2007 in Barclays Premier League, FIFA Women's World Cup, Soccer

Premier League

Man United 1 Everton 0: Boring game, but Nemandja Vidic scores the winner in the 84th minute, and United have now won 3 straight games by the score of 1-0. This is their first road win, and they’re past Chelsea in the standings.

Chelscum 0 Blackburn 0: Blackburn Rovers did well in stopping Chelscum, but Rovers could not end the league’s longest winning streak at home. The Blues have now gained just one out of 6 points in their last 2 matches. Next week, is the big match against Manchester United, which is determined to be boring.

Wigan 1 Fulham USA 1: Again, Clint Dempsey scored his 3rd goal for his squad, but Jason Koumas equalized on a penalty to keep it at a 1-1 draw at the JJB.

Women’s World Cup

Canada 4 Ghana 0: No one has scored more goals for Canada in the World Cup than Christine Sinclair. She scored a hat trick, and helped Canada improve to 1 win, a loss, and a draw in China. Ghana had their share of chances, including a point blank shot hitting the crossbar in the 1st half. Canada faces Australia, while Ghana faces Norway. The Aussies and Norway tied 1-1 earlier today.

Brazil 4 China 0: So even the Brazilian women’s team owns. The hosts were blasted today by Brazil, and are now 1-1-0.

Denmark 2 New Zealand 0: New Zealand has a soccer team?


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