Tragedy in Italy

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Serie A, Soccer

Italian police are investigating the shooting and killing of a soccer fan by a policeman. Gabriele Sandri’s death was classified as “accidental”, but now the Italian interior minister is saying that it may have been intentional. Here’s an excerpt from MSNBC:

In a briefing to Parliament, Interior Minister Giuliano Amato also announced another dozen arrests stemming from the riots that erupted across Italy as fans attacked police stations after the officer fatally shot 26-year-old Gabriele Sandri on Sunday.

Sandri, a disc jockey from Rome, was sitting in a car stopped at a highway rest area near Arezzo in Tuscany when he was shot in the neck. Initial reports said police had intervened to stop a scuffle between Sandri’s group of Lazio fans — headed to see their club play at Inter Milan — and a group of Juventus fans, also traveling north to see their team play.



A very sad story has canceled Serie A games because of rioting in the stands. This has sparked international controversy, and hopefully this case will be solved and fitted with the correct punishment for the police officer.


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