Fulham Snag Eddie Johnson

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Barclays Premier League, MLS, Soccer

The BBC is reporting that English Premier League club Fulham F.C have signed American MLS star Eddie Johnson for 3 1/2 years after being granted a work permit. Johnson made history in the MLS, becoming the only player in the league with consecutive hat tricks with the Kansas City Wizards.

The 23 year old has scored 11 goals in 31 appearances with the US National Team, as well as 41 in 124 games in the MLS with the Wizards and FC Dallas. Johnson has become the 5th American international to join the club…..here are the 5 Americans on the team:

Kasey Keller, Goalkeeper

Carlos Bocanegra, Defender*

Clint Dempsey, Forward*

Brian McBride, Captain, Midfielder (Injured in August, set to return later this year)

Eddie Johnson, Forward

Note: the * means he is a usual starter.

I think this is definitely progress in American soccer, seeing 5 internationals on one Premier League team….Johnson and Dempsey are very good players and can prove they are very much in the elite group of soccer players. McBride is already one of the American greats on the pitch. Keller is very old, but he has been reliable at times. Oh yeah, let’s look at the standings as of last week:



What was that?

That’s right, Fulham in 19th out of 20. That means relegation if they can’t climb out of this hole with 15 games left in the season…..and they have 2 wins out of 23 games, so it’s going to be a near impossibility at this point, but who knows……let’s try this again….

I think it’s great progress in American soccer that Championship teams want our players.

PLEASE FULHAM!!! Don’t get relegated to the Championship!!


This article was published first on armchairgm.com 


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