Premier League Heading Overseas?

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Barclays Premier League, FA, Soccer


The Barclays Premier League could be coming to a country near you. The FA and FIFA are discussing whether or not the league should have a 39th game, in which those set of fixtures will be played outside of England. Many managers of Premier League clubs...and Derby, have actually taken a liking to this idea…..well, except Fergie.

All 20 clubs agreed to explore a proposal to extend the English season by one game to 39 games from 2010-11.

They should have been enquiring and having discussions with managers and players before they come out with all this stuff and make an issue of it.

“They can’t keep their mouth shut down there,” said the Old Trafford boss

What disappoints me is Manchester United chief executive David Gill said ‘keep this quiet, we’re discussing it’ and then it’s in the papers. These issues should be discussed internally by clubs before they come to this position we are now in but until I speak to David Gill again I have nothing more to say about it.” – BBC

The fans certainly don’t like this story, they’ve got a poll to fight back against the plans of the Premier League. I have mixed feelings about this one. Although it would be nice to have a popular league have teams play in other countries, it would also mean that the fans in England would pretty much get ignored for the sake of international profits.

By the way, coincidence that they bring this up as soon as the foreign owners started pouring in?


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