Ronaldinho Wants Out of Barcelona

Posted: April 1, 2008 in La Liga, Sky Sports, Soccer

Looks like our star Brazilian midfielder Ronaldinho wants to leave FC Barcelona. He stated that he wanted to play in either the Barclays Premier League or go back home to Brazil to play for Santos once the La Liga season ends.

Last year there was quite the speculation that Ronaldinho was headed to Chelsea, but talks came crashing down.

This one is true, as the report from Sky Sports says:

The 28 year old Barcelona star has had some off the field issues with fellow teammates and the manager. He wants to move on from this, and go back to a club that can win, and not settle for 2nd best, as his club is all but assured defeat in La Liga yet again.

Ronaldinho said, “I’ll think about this once the season is over, but right now, I’m exploring my options, and maybe I can play for the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United. I could even go back to Brazil and play for Santos, continue the tradition of great Brazilian footballers playing with the famous club.” FC Barcelona have denied all rumours, and one spokesman says that Ronaldinho is here to stay.

I’m quite surprised by this, but if thats what he wants, good luck for him.


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