Derby Don’t Feel Like Losing in the US

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Barclays Premier League, Soccer

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a team like Derby County do so badly at the top level. Just 11 points in 34 games and 1 lucky win against Newcastle. They still need 5 points to avoid being called the worst Premier League team ever, and that includes winning against West Ham this weekend, as well as facing Arsenal the week after. Now Paul Jewell’s side will not tour in the US, according to the BBC:

Derby County have cancelled their plans for a close-season tour of the United States and will instead go to Holland.

“We wanted to go to America for obvious reasons. But logistically it wasn’t going to work so we have decided to stay in Europe,” said Jewell.

“It’s a pity for the American owners but the important thing in pre-season is preparation of the players.”

That’s a pile of garbage to me. It really means “We’re trying to get America to kinda like soccer and once they realize we really suck…it’s safe to just go to Holland.”

Enjoy the rest of the season boys!


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