Managers Come and Go

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Barclays Premier League, Sacking, Serie A, Soccer


Unsurprisingly Sven has been sacked and is the 11th Premier League manager casualty now. Manchester City will try for manager #3, as Eriksson’s tenure lasts just 1 season. His accomplishments included a season sweep of Manchester United, but after a 3rd place position heading into 2008, it all collapsed and they fell 8-1 on the final day to Boro and dropped to 9th. The sacking was likely not warranted considering there were minor relegation fears, but I’m quite sure he did not meet expectations of the owner and will be job searching again.

Roberto Mancini was sacked by Inter Milan recently. The interesting thing is that he just won another Serie A title, but he had plans to quit anyway before changing his mind the following day. It did not matter, he left anyway, which leads me to…..


Well we may be seeing a swap in the future shall we?


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