Curse You Mother Nature!

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Euro 2008, Soccer

Turkey are done. They finally were killed off in a classic game against Germany 3-2 in Basel today.

Germany are the first team in the final, and with the halftime score at 1-1 (Turkey scored first on a Urga Boral goal and then Bastian Schweinsteiger equalized 4 minutes later) and Turkey outplaying the Germans (and shorthanded mind you as far as healthy players), it looked like Turkey could pull this off. But Miroslav Klose’s header gave Germany the lead 2-1. Semih Senturk tied it at 2-2 with just 4 minutes to go, Turkey did it again, came back from the dead to force extra tim……Phillipp Lahm sends Germany through on a brilliant strike in the 90th minute.

Why is this piece nondescript? Because the TV feed was knocked out on several occasions (2 goals were missed as a result) in the 2nd half due to massive storms and lightning strikes.

More on this later, congratulations to Turkey on a great run, horrible way to go out, but congratulations to Germany for pulling through, and they are off to Vienna for the final.


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