Semifinal Predictions: Euro 2008

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Euro 2008, Soccer

Well, I went 1 of 4 in my picks last time around, so I’m going to be really careful with this one.

Germany vs. Turkey

Basel awaits the favorite team

The other is living out a stunning dream

One side is limping and losing players left and right

The other side is trying to avoid another disappointing night

I think the goals will come few and far between

The favorite side wins 2-0, Lehmann will see a sheet that is clean.

Russia vs. Spain

Have we not seen this before?

Spain dominated the first match and boy did they score

David Villa had a hat trick, scored one goal since

Russia will be better, those are words I will not mince

They are fast, they are strong, they can blast it from long range

Goals will be aplenty, but the Russians win 3-2 (AET) for a change


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