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A big match right here in Seattle as the Brazilians faced Canada in a friendly. Why this wasn’t televised locally or nationally in the US is beyond me, but for those who showed up they were treated to a great match. Although Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Ronaldo were not there, the Brazilians fought off the pesky Canadians for a 3-2 win at Qwest Field.

It was probably unfair to Dale Mitchell’s side after Julian De Guzman’s worst backpass ever, leading to the winning goal. While Brazil is having a tour so to speak, Canada really needs some offense as they head into World Cup qualification. Here are the highlights from ESPN Deportes….


Canada does not…..a 2-0 loss to Estonia in a FIFA Friendly was played in a snowstorm, but they played on and Estonia (ESTONIA!!!!) beats Canada.

That’s got to be the most fun weather to play in….:)

 It was a frustrating performance by England on the night Beckham won his 100th cap

Pretty humiliating stuff from Fabio Capello’s England team. A relatively stale game saw France win at home against the Three Lions 1-0 on a Franck Ribery penalty kick in the 32nd minute.

England created few chances in this game and will look to rebound against the US, who destroyed Poland 3-0 on FIFA International Friendly Day.

Note: Hopefully I can find a video soon, but Estonia/Canada was played in a wicked snowstorm!


Switzerland vs. Chile

Canada vs. Costa Rica

USA vs. Brazil

Euro 2008 Qualifiers

England vs. Israel

Spain vs. Iceland

Wales vs. Germany

Women’s World Cup

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Germany 2 England 1

Scotland 1 South Africa 0

Ireland 4 Denmark 0

Wales 1 Bulgaria 0

Sweden 1 USA 0

Canada 1 Iceland 1