Footy Mania Lingo

As this blog comes around, we’re going to have some certain soccer terms here. Let me give you some of the lingo:

  • Mercilessly Lousy Soccer: A slang term and the alternate acronym for the US Men’s National Team MLS.
  • Major Lack of Scoring: Another term for the MLS, and their inability to put a spherical ball into a net.
  • LA Beckhams: The new name for the LA Galaxy due to the overexposure of Beckham.
  • Chelscum: A term used for Chelsea FC in the Barclays Premier League. Generally used if you are an Arsenal or Manchester United fan.
  • Captain Can’t Finish: This term goes to Louis Saha, DaMarcus Beasley, Brian Ching and Andrea Lombardo.
  • Fulham USA: It’s not only a blog, but a term to describe the incredible number of Americans on Fulham’s squad. Maybe it explains why they barely escaped relegation.
  • Bolton Snoozers: This is a term describing the most boring team in the Premier League.

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